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22nd-Apr-2020 08:33 pm - ATTENTION
Most of these journals are custom and/or friend only. (though most of my early ones aren't...)

Just letting y'all know. If you want to read all of them I guess you can comment here and explain why you want to. And maybe I'll let you ;] Though I'm not sure why you would want to do that since I mainly just bitch and moan on here

So yeah, personal stuff, rants, and probably for older people due to excessive cursing at times.

If you want to see more of a legit blog from me, Go here.

Thank you and enjoy your stay.
6th-Nov-2010 12:27 am - Mind in Disarray
Ok my life has been pretty disorganized as of late I gotta get my mind on track

This weekend I HAVE to write that essay in advance to get that extra credit for English.

I must catch up on my 365 doodle project.

Gotta reorganize the art table that really isn't an art table anymore from all the crap that's on top of it.

I shall scan stuff I've done in school... I still have crap to upload from Fall 2009 ><

Need to find more side chores to save up more money so I can actually afford to buy a ton of gifts for people this year.

Then maybe finally work on Biscaya again....
13th-Aug-2010 10:51 pm - CleoCleo
Well on the news of the rollercoaster relationship, lets just say that things are better, I just need to do my best not to screw things up at this point.

Well school is going to start up again for me next week. It feels like I hardly had a summer since I had summer school. I could sure use another week but I'll get over it.

But BUT I finished an art piece!

Wet Moon fanart ahoy!Collapse )
13th-Mar-2010 12:27 am - Random Update of Doom

I took a ton of random pictures of me with the Gorillaz swag and spammed facebook with pictures.

I pretty much played the hell out of the CD/DVD by now >_>....


I watched the prequel Starwars movies with Kevin for no reason at all today. All I can say is LOL.

I was going to take a trip with people tomorrow but I had homework that I'm behind on because I procrastinate. Shame on meh :o
10th-Mar-2010 08:55 pm - PLASTICCCCC

Well I don't officially have it yet but I like to pretend I do. It was ordered off of Kevin's computer so it was sent to his house (>>... pshh I know stupidstupid). AND I won't see him until Friday cause he has work and I have school tomorrow.


It was released today, even though Japan got to it first on the 3rd (CURSE YOU ASIANSSSS) and it was released in the UK yesterday (makes sense they are based in Britain). But America gets it today. yeeeyeee. Appearantly I got a free shirt too, but it was a large so it's probably too oversized for meh. I'll probably attempt sewing and take it in. Hopefully I won't screw it up since I don't know shit about sewing :<

AND I'm super tired because I stay up for no reason :o Like seriously, And I have time to do all these assignments but I'm too lazy to work on any of them. AHHH procrastination, my one weakness!
8th-Mar-2010 12:17 am - You Give Me Reason To Live
Well I started working on my blogspot again. I haven't touched it as much for a while but I had a sudden urge to change the layout on SOMETHING. AND HERE IT IZ ZOMG!

It was originally kind of a place were I posted random shit and talked about life, kinda like what I do here. But I'm going to post art on there and stuff too... once I figure out how to work our new scanner which is also a printer and fax machine. Go figure.

I've been kind of happy lately- I've been getting very inspired to do lots of artwork, but I promised Kevin that I'd get the paintings for him done first. I wish I could be faster at painting though, and it doesn't help my ma gets pissed whenever I decide to paint in my room. I do so anyways when she's not around >_>... I have a freaking desk in my room, I might as well use it geez.

So in my sculpture class the other day, the teacher said that it was optional since she was sick, so of course 80% of the class left. It was me and a group of people who started talking about weird sex stories once the professor left the room. They asked if I had any stories to share and I was like "uhhh, I never had sex. ever." There was an awkward silence and then they continued the conversation. I don't know that class is weird

And I ought to have the most boring life ever. I got to school, sleep, eat, exercise, see Kevin, and the process happens all over again. I need to make friends at Merced :/ I keep seeing all my past friends making new friends over at their colleges but I haven't yet. Still.

But changes will be on their way.

All my life I've been trying to please others and putting everyone before me. But this year, around New Years, I decided that I will try making myself happy for once. For a very long time there has always been things I wanted to do, but I never tried hard enough to get what I want since I didn't want to upset anyone (mainly my parents).

So one thing I decided to do is make myself stand out more, like I've always wanted to. So I'm thinking during Spring Break I'm going to go out and get my hair dyed some crazy color. I'm thinking purple. Hopefully it'll look good with my skintone.

Speaking of skintone, I have my natural skin color back. After doing swimming since 4th grade and doing waterpolo/swimming all four years in high school, I finally stopped all together now that I'm in college. My skin has always been this reddish tan color from all the sun exposure but now it's all gone. I realized I actually kinda have this nice skintone, I'm white but there's this touch of yellow almost. I dunno, I actually like it.

Oh! I almost forgot, like last month SHE sent me this long ass apology. All this time I didn't think SHE would ever admit she did me wrong (but it sure as hell didn't seem like it was going to happen). I was shocked, but it happened. I was on facebook and I saw she sent me this private message.

However things still can't be all sunshine and rainbows like it had been more than a year ago. 'Cause Kevin was involved in the whole fiasco too, in fact he was hurt more than I was probably. I told her that she needed to apologize to him. She kind of did, but he felt like it wasn't as heartfelt as her apology to me. But yeah now it's this weird status quo thing, like we're still not hanging out like we used to but now we're all talking on facebook and stuff.

Last week was pretty cool despite being bombarded with a ton of homework. My sculpture class was canceled on Tuesday so I was wandering around campus and bumped into Sarah and we talked about a bunch of random crap and then we LOL'd at random Gorillaz videos. Good times good times...

But yeah I ran out of things to talk about. toodles!
6th-Dec-2009 03:30 pm - A Ghost Afraid of Being Forgotten
Finals are approaching. I always feel everything happens at once around December/January. There's finals, my mom's birthday, Christmas, New Years, rabid ravioli making with the family, my birthday, and all sorts of stuff. It's like everything is pretty quiet throughout the year until this time of year. I am so done with essays, but I have to write one more in English. I want a break already, I wrote more essays within the past two months than what I've written the entire senior year.

I don't feel like doing anything anymore, I just want to just lie down and not worry about a thing. I'm hoping it'll happen after finals are done.

But good news. GOOD NEWS :D

I has art!Collapse )
18th-Oct-2009 12:50 am - HEI THAR
I came to the conclusion today that anime has been my inspiration. I've been on this dry spell in my art for almost a year and I've been just getting back into drawing again outside of classes today. I think it's no coincidence that I have also started to watch anime again because I haven't watched any new series in a long time up until this past week.

Starting some Wet Moon fanart. So excited. Now about dealing with that damn tablet... haha

Excuse the messy appearance.Collapse )
18th-Aug-2009 10:09 pm - Only in my life..
can a "normal" individual like me be hated by a celebrity lol.

No, seriously, I was insulted.Collapse )
25th-Apr-2009 01:31 am - Pretty eventful life
So yesterday I forgot my math homework and I totally tweaked. I was able to turn it in late today so it was all solved. My parents got all mad initially and then said thing'll be ok if I was able to turn it in.

And for Leslie, it turns out she hates me because "I tell lies." She claimed I lied about the April goal thing and couldn't tell me anything else. She was all "why bother." I was so close to punching her but instead, I said some rude things and walked off.

I cried because I was so angry. I saw her about two times while I was crying. I hope she saw me. Deserves to see the effects of her shit.

I realized I could totally ruin a lot of her friendships with others. A lot of her friends are also my friends, I could totally try turning them against her if I wanted to. I have to restrain myself though. Like today, I complained to a few people and they seem to favor me over her. They were like all sarcastically "oh yeah, because you're the one to lie." Heh, that made me feel so much better.

Today was prom. It was the best. Kevin, Anna, and all the other friends came over to my house for dinner and then we went to the dance we're I danced real close to Kevin most of the time. It was real fun. I sorta wished now that I went to the other dances as well, like maybe prom last year? It may not be the same, cause I think Kevin and Anna were a huge reason why I enjoyed it.
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